Fitness Friday

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I had all the intention in the world to write up this post last night but it turns out that I’m having a hard time coming off my pain medication.  I didn’t even think that was possible after only a week (and taking it as needed) but after talking to a few people, that seems to be what’s happening.  I was weening myself off but only because I was concerned about pain.  Turns out, I needed to be concerned about withdrawal symptoms too.  Who knew?
Anyway, after being sent home from work with awful nausea, a headache and pretty severe shakes, I laid down on my couch and tried to sleep it off.  It worked long enough that I was able to eat dinner, but it all returned shortly after.  One thing that upset me was that all my pain was nearly non-existent yesterday and I was excited to get to the gym for a workout (still keeping it easy) before the holiday (especially since I won’t be able to get there for the next couple days with work and shortened gym hours).
It’s all good though and as I type this, I’m doing my best to ween myself off even more and just relax but needless to say, I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday for a really good reason.

SAT 12/17/11
Rest / recovery
SUN 12/18/11
Rest / recovery
MON 12/19/11
Rest / recovery
TUES 12/20/11
Rest / recovery
WED 12/21/11
31 minutes stationary bike – easy
10 minutes stretching – easy
THURS 12/22/11
35 minutes elliptical – easy
10 minutes stretching – easy
FRI 12/23/11
Rest / sick