Fitness Friday #18

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Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on yesterday’s post. As I mentioned, it wasn’t meant to be a pity party of any kind, but rather use the platform in which I’ve been given to share what’s going on and to share that not everyday is sunshine and butterflies, even if it that’s how it may come across from time to time.


With that out of the way, this week I tried my first spinning class. One of the coaches of our event at CrossFit Ground Up invited us to join her for a spin class during one of the breaks. Because I never turn down a chance to try something new, especially when it has to do with fitness, I said yes to my first spin class.


It made for a very active day and I’m still feeling a bit sore from it, in the best way of course.

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Friday 4/24

Event @ Arachnid CD

30 Turkish Get-ups

for time:

100m bear crawl

20 hand stand push-ups (box)

100m crab walk

20 hspu

time: 6:05


Saturday 4/25

4 rounds:

10 windmills (per side)

10 incline push-ups

10 lunges (per side)

20 supermans

20 triceps dips

20 air squats


Sunday 4/26

“Semi-Active” Rest


Monday 4/27

45 mins spin class

Team WOD @ CrossFit Ground Up Event


Tuesday 4/28

3 mile run


Wednesday 4/29



Thursday 4/30

3 mile run

In general it was an easier day for me in terms of my fitness, but I was still able to get in some great workouts and give my body the rest it needed when it was needed.

Don’t forget to linkup your week of workouts and shoutout where you need support in your journey!

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    1. Katie Post author

      haha!! It was a team WOD at that event and the last part of the workout was a 400m Sled Pull/Push so one person would help pull the sled while the others pushed. It was hard but really FUN!

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