Fitness Friday

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Well I’m pleased to say my surgery was not postponed and I’m writing this post while relaxing on my couch.  Surgery went well and while I’m in quite a bit of pain and discomfort, the pains meds are keeping it tolerable and I’m in good spirits.  I will write more on that later though.
It was very exciting for me to be back in the gym again this week.  I still kept my workouts relatively easy and simple, as I can tell I need to work myself back into my usual intensity.  But as the week progressed and I was able to push myself a little bit more, it felt really good knowing I will be back to my normal routine in time.

Saturday 12/10/11
Sunday 12/11/11
15-20 minutes abdominals and stretching
30 mins elliptical – level 2
Monday 12/12/11
20 minutes abdominals and stretching
40 minutes stationary bike – levels 2 & 3
Tuesday 12/13/11
15-20 minutes abdominals and stretching
30 minutes elliptical – levels 2 & 3
Wednesday 12/14/11
20 minutes abdominals and stretching
10 minutes stair master (I always forget how hard this is!)
10 minutes stationary bike
Thursday 12/15/11
Rest – surgery!
Friday 12/16/11
Rest – recovery
Obviously, this up-coming week will probably be a week of little to no exercise as I build up my strength and recover from my surgery and that’s okay.  I’m not willing to push my body too hard after it’s been through a lot.  This up-coming week is a week to rest and take it easy and only bring about exercise as my body says it’s ready and if it’s not ready this week, that’s okay.  It’s all about listening to your body.