Fitness Friday 19

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I can’t believe we’re back to Friday and already a week into May? What is happening?


I’ve spent the last week in Kansas and yesterday afternoon made the drive to Colorado where I’ll be for the next couple weeks. There’s so many things to be excited for in Colorado…my friend Tina coming to visit this weekend, meeting the ladies behind the Girls Gone WOD Podcast, BLEND Retreat, seeing Meg who’s going to be around while we’re here (!!!), and 6 events for 50 States! It’s definitely going to be a busy couple weeks but there’s so much to look forward to, I can hardly contain myself!

Meanwhile, it’s been another great week of workouts, kicked off with an event WOD at CrossFit Diem. This isn’t the first time we’d done the Filthy Fifty but it was the first time I did it almost RX! I need to work on my toes to bar and wall balls but I even did the double unders. They may have been single-single-doubles but they happened and that’s what’s important.

Friday 5/1

Filthy Fifty – 450 in 30:00

Full workout in 35:35


Saturday 5/2


For time:



Time: 6:47

8 min AMRAP:


Score: 5+10 snatch


Sunday 5/3



Monday 5/4

3rm hang power clean: 85#

10 min AMRAP:

200m row

15 hang cleans

10 front squats

Score @ 55#: 3 + 90m row

3 superset rounds: 4-6 tempo pull-ups w/ green band / 10-12 strict seated press (15#)

17 min AMRAP:

15 KB swings (26#)

10 (pretty sure I did 15) deadlifts (95#)

400m run

score: 3 + 15 DL


Tuesday 5/5

3 mile run


Wednesday 5/6

Active Rest – core & mobility


Thursday 5/7

5 mins Double Under practice

2 mile run



I’m working on some more goals for myself, this year and what I want out of this life. While this year is all about giving back, it’s also about self discovery and figuring out how I merge all of my passions into a career that I do for the rest of my life. I know it’s possible, I just have to start somewhere.

How were your workouts this week?

What are some goals you’ve been setting for yourself lately?

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