Fitness Friday

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I had all intentions to return to yoga this week.  In fact, I had the intention to return to yoga today but life has this way of laughing at you when you make plans, so needless to say there’s no yoga this week.
But what there was this week was strength training.  And can I just say it felt amazing?
It was the first time I’ve been able to lift in at least two months due to pain, hospitalization and surgery + recovery.  I got in two days of strength that left my arms and legs shaking but feeling strong.  Man, I missed that!
I’m hoping yoga can return next week as I’m itching to stretch out my body and ease my mind again.
With that, here’s what I was able to accomplish this week and I’m pretty happy to say I’m starting off my new year right!

SAT 12/31/11
35 minutes elliptical
25 minutes stationary bike
15 minutes abdominals and stretching
SUN 1/1/12
MON 1/2/12
15-20 minutes abdominals and stretching
30 minutes stationary bike
TUES 1/3/12
25 minutes elliptical
30 minutes arms and stretching
WED 1/4/12
40 minutes abdominals, legs and stretching
25 minutes stationary bike
THURS 1/5/12
20 minutes abdominals and stretching
30 minutes stationary bike
FRIDAY 1/6/12

Did you make any fitness goals this year?
If so, what are they and how did your first week go?