Fitness Friday

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I’m happy to say that despite traveling this week, I’ve been able to maintain daily exercise.  My family belongs to a gym in the area and I signed up for their gym’s 3-day gym trial pass that I’ve been able to use.  It’s nice to see myself being able to return to my usual exercise routine or at least start incorporating more of my usual activities.

Saturday 12/24/11
Sunday 12/25/11
60 minutes walk and talk with family
Monday 12/26/11
40 minutes stationary bike – random level 2
15-20 minutes abdominals and stretching
Tuesday 12/27/11
20 minutes abdominals and stretching
35 minutes elliptical – random level 2
Wednesday 12/28/11
10 minutes abdominals and stretching
20 minutes Yoga Download session
Thursday 12/29/11
35 minutes stationary bike – cross country
17 minutes stairmaster
10-15 minutes abdominals and stretching
Friday 12/30/11
32 minutes stationary bike – random level 3
10 minutes stretching
I have lots of fitness goals for 2012 and new programs I want to try out so I’m definitely glad I’m returning to my normal self.  But more on that later…