Fitness Friday #21

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Another week has come and gone. A week full of friends and fun and lots of work. I guess I don’t  need to specify that, we’re all in that place, right?

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But after an amazing weekend in Boulder at the Blend Retreat and seeing so many friends, my heart is busting. Top that off with an amazing event in Wyoming yesterday (the hardest state for us to book) and my heart may explode with joy. I have a couple days off now to rest, relax and catch up on my mile-long to-do list. I anticipate many coffee shops and gallons upon gallons of coffee. I’m not complaining. 😉


Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? By that, I obviously mean the workouts because there were some good ones this week!

Friday 5/15


Blend Retreat…

1 hour hike


Saturday 5/16

Blend Retreat…

1 hour bootcamp

2 hour hike


Sunday 5/17



Monday 5/18


Wild Horizons CF Event

50 Goblet Squats (16kg KB)

5 Rope climbs (1 + 4 progressions)

40 Slam Ball Lunges (35#)

4 Rope Climbs (1 + 3 progressions)

30 Lateral Bar hops (20”)

3 Rope Climbs (1 + 2 progressions)

20 Deadlifts (65#)

2 Rope Climbs (1 + 1 progression)

10 Hang Squat Cleans (65#)

1 Rope Climb

Time: 21:12


Tuesday 5/19


Conviction CF Event

3 rounds:

8 ring rows

8 single-arm KB Swings


4 rounds for time:

6 box jumps (20”)

9 hang power cleans (65#)

12 pull-ups (green band)

time: 8:38


Wednesday 5/20



Thursday 5/21


Mountain Fit Event

Death by style for all…

10 min EMOM:

5 burpees

2 KB snatch (25#)

+2 snatch per round

3 min rest, then…

10 min EMOM:

5 pull-ups (jumping)

2 deadlifts (85#)

+2 DL per round

3 min rest, then…

200m run

2 sit-ups

+2 sit-ups per round

It was a great week of workouts and I loved the Blend Retreat hikes and yoga to add a little more variety to my routine.

How were your workouts this week? 

How are you adding variety to your workouts?

2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #21

  1. Giselle

    You go girl! It was so awesome to meet you and learn about your wonderful venture raising money. I wish we could have chatted more but hopefully next year 🙂

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