Fitness Friday

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So I had all intentions of going to the gym today.  Needless to say, it didn’t happen.  When my alarm went off at 4:30a, I wasn’t not having it, so I packed a bag and prepared to go after work.  But since I left work about 15 minutes late and had already been in my car driving for awhile, and my legs are super sore (I don’t think I stretched enough the other day…) I decided going home and dancing to some Foo Fighters was the best idea ever.  🙂

Sat 1/7/12
30 mins arms, abs and stretching
Sun 1/8/12
55 mins stationary bike
15 mins abs and stretching
Mon 1/9/12
Tues 1/10/12
40 mins legs, abs and stretching
35 mins stationary bike
Wed 1/11/12
90 mins yoga (it felt SO good to be back in practice)
Thurs 1/12/12
Fri 1/13/12
Rest – unless you want to count dancing around my room…(+ stretching out my poor hamstrings)