Fitness Friday #22

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**It’s Friday night and this post was written so I’m publishing it but today there is no link up. Next week I will explain the course that my day took in more detail. For now, I ask you all to have a safe weekend.**

I must admit something. Not like yesterday’s confession, but rather something I was feeling the other day. We were at our event at CrossFit Magic Valley in Idaho and the community was awesome but inside I wasn’t feeling so great.


It was one of those moments where I was extremely frustrated with my fitness. It’s hard to look at the goals I’ve placed in front of myself and not feel like I’m going backwards when the weight I can do in a WOD isn’t improving or skills I’d worked hard to get, I no longer can. So as I stared at the wall wishing ever so much to do that handstand and it just wasn’t coming, I wanted to cry. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes.

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But what’s interesting is that while I may have lost some skill (which I know I’ll get back!), I’ve also gained others. While one week the handstand is hard, in that same week I’m completing double unders with greater ease and even stringing 5-6 of them together without breaking them up with singles.

Patience, Katie, patience.

Friday 5/22
Saturday 5/23
10 min amrap:
150m Run
15 db swings
150m Run
15 air squats
Score: 2 + 11 air squats
1.28 mile walk
Sunday 5/24
3 reps x 7 sets
Monday 5/25
Modified Murph
Tuesday 5/26
Event @ CrossFit Octave
30 seconds work
30 seconds rest
9 rounds:
OH Walking Lunges (25#)
Burpees onto Plate
Double Unders
Wednesday 5/27
2 mile run
Event @ CrossFit Magic Valley
5 rounds: 3 progression squat clean + 1 push jerk (85#)
then 7 rounds for time:
7 handstand push-ups (pike-box)
7 burpees
time: 8:42
Thursday 5/28
Event @ Power Seeker CrossFit
Squat cleans – 3-3-3-3 (75#)
3 Person Team Partner WOD

How was your fitness last week?

What highs should we celebrate for you?

Where do you need more patience with your fitness level?