Fitness Friday #23 & The Day I Leave For Alaska

Everyone loves burpees, right? OK so maybe it’s more of a love/hate relationship…we hate doing them but love the results?


Well this past week I decided to sign up for the June Burpee Challenge. You pick your athletic level and each day you complete the designated number of burpees…it goes up each day with a few rest days built in as well. (We all know rest is important when it comes to our fitness). I decided to join at the Intermediate level and it’s already starting to pick up pace. While yesterday was only 20 burpees, when doing them in your RV, it sure feels like more…. 😉

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Anyway, this has been another roller coaster week as we prepare for the drive to Alaska! Isn’t that crazy? We make one last stop at Jiffy Lube for them to check our fluid levels, we stop in Vancouver for a chiropractic adjustment and then we’re on the road. It’ll take us a good 5-6 (long) days to get but I’m so excited for the journey and the gorgeous scenery I’ve been promised for the drive.

I’m going to try and pop in when I can but if things get a bit quiet around here over the next week or so, it’s because I don’t have much access to wifi. Just because I know you’ll all get reeeeaalllllyyyy concerned. 😉 Meanwhile, make sure you’re at least following along on Instagram as it’ll be easier for me to pop in for a quick post here and there.


For now, let’s get to checking out my workouts from the week.

Friday 5/29



Saturday 5/30

2 mile run



Thrusters (45#)

Pull-ups (banded)

Time: 5:55


Sunday 5/31

5×10 single arm rows (25# each side)

5×20 side bends (25# each side)

400m run with medball

4 rounds:

20 choppers

20 lunges

20 half squat arm push

20 step ups

Finish with…

400m run with medball

1 mile lake walk


Monday 6/1

5 burpees

5 x 3 Back Squats @ 95#

10 min AMRAP:

30 Double Unders

10 Toes to Bar

score: 3 + 30 du


Tuesday 6/2

10 burpees


Wednesday 6/3

15 burpees

3 mile run


Thursday 6/4

20 burpees

hike in Portland


It hasn’t been my heaviest week fitness wise (yes, I know I’ve still done quite a bit) but I listened to my body and it definitely need the easier workouts or short runs vs something more intense.

How were your workouts this past week?

Has anyone ever been to Alaska before? What tips or advice do you have for me?

Don’t forget to link up your week of workouts to help stay accountable!

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #23 & The Day I Leave For Alaska

  1. Kristen

    Hey! I’m an SPA and saw your post about driving to Alaska and had to take a look! I actually live in Anchorage – my husband and I drove up here with all of our belongings last April when we moved here from Philly. If you’re coming to the Anchorage or Kenai Peninsula area let me know because I can give you some tips on some cool stuff to do 🙂 Good luck on the drive up and make sure to stay safe, get gas when you can, and bring extra food! We crashed in a snowstorm and also blew out a tire, but we eventually made it here in one piece!

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