Fitness Friday #24 (From ALASKA!)

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Happy Fitness Friday from Alaska!


After 4 very long days of driving we made it to Wasilla, AK Tuesday afternoon. I was happy to finally have some time to play catch up after days of no work, no service (despite getting a small data plan), and just non-stop driving. There is so much to do but at the same time, it feels so nice to finally be getting back in the swing of things.


Driving ALL day made it hard to get in a workout, especially given some of the areas we parked for the night. Because of this I didn’t really get a workout in those days but since I’m doing this June Burpee Challenge, I would get in a few of my burpees for the day each time we would stop. This not only helped break them up a bit but also helped keep my body from getting too stiff during the drive.

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Friday 6/5

Drive Day 1 – #Alaska Bound

Burpee Challenge Day 5: 25

3 mile run


Saturday 6/6

Drive Day 2 – #AlaskaBound

Burpee Challenge Day 6: 0 – burpee rest day

Core Tabata


Sunday 6/7

Drive Day 3 – #AlaskaBound

Burpee Challenge Day 7: 30


Monday 6/8

Drive Day 4 – #AlaskaBound

Burpee Challenge Day 8: 35


Tuesday 6/9

Burpee Challenge Day 9: 40


Wednesday 6/10

Campground workout:

3×15 sumo deadlift highpull

Burpee Challenge Day 10: 45

10 min AMRAP:

100m run

15 Bench Dips

20 Walking lunges

score: 4+3 dips

CrossFit Grizzly workout:

3×10 ring rows

For time:

1200m row

800m run

50 snatch (55#)

time: 16:30


Thursday 6/11

Event @ CrossFit Grizzly

6 min AMRAP:

6 Pistol Squats

6 Burpees

score: 6 + 8 reps

then, rest 1 min…

3 min AMrAP:

Double Unders

score: 58

then, rest 1 min…

6 min AMRAP:

6 Kettlebell Swings

6 Burpees

score: 5 + 9 reps

TOTAL reps: 207

Regardless of the drive, I’m happy with my workouts this past week and feel like my body got the movement it needed mixed with the rest required to make it through such a stressful (for mind and body) week!

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Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s Day 12 and I have 55 burpees to bust out. Don’t forget to linkup your week of workouts below or shout out to this community for support!

How were your workouts this week?

Ever been to Alaska? What do I need to see while I’m here?