Fitness Friday #27

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I have to admit despite the fact that I haven’t been sleeping much this week (it’s been INSANELY hot), I’m feeling great and super excited for the next 4 months, but specially the next month and a half!


I got to visit my ish-cousin this week (don’t make me try to explain, it’s complicated so just go with it), his wife and their baby! We didn’t get to spend a ton of time with them unfortunately but even just grabbing breakfast and a short hike was well worth the detour. I can also hardly believe their baby is almost 1! I’m starting to think I thought time stopped everywhere else once I hit the road.

We’ll be spending the 4th somewhere in Montana (exact location and plans are TBD) but I’m excited for a hopefully relaxing holiday. From there, we’ll make our way to North Dakota, back to Minnesota for 2 more events and then back home for a few days. I’m excited to see friends and family but I also know it’s going to be a major whirlwind weekend before flying to LA.


Anyway, I had such a great week when it came to my workouts. My running has kind of gone non-existent again and while I was blaming my shoes for the pain, I learned this past week that my ankle mobility right now needs some major work, hence the shin pain. I’ve been trying to work on that more this past week and hope by next week, I’ll be in a better place to pick up my running again (and that it will be cooler…).

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Friday 6/26

Partner workout @ CF Infusion

250m row/Air squats

then, 8 rounds:

tire flips – length of rig

10 tire jump burpees

time: 21:35


Saturday 6/27

Event @ CF Infusion “Running Annie”

50 Double Unders (100 singles)

50 situps

200m run

40 DU (80 single)

40 situps

400m run

30 DU (60 single)

30 situps

600m run

20 DU (40 single)

20 situps

800m run

10 DU (20 single)

10 situps


Sunday 6/28



Monday 6/29

Event @ CF Liberty Lake


20min AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air squats

score: 12+3 push-ups


Tuesday 6/30

Event @ CF CDA

EMOM 15:00

1- 5 deadlifts (ascending – 65#/75#/85#/95#/105#

2- :30 push-ups / :30 sit-ups

3- rest

16 min AMRAP:

25 calorie row

20 KB swings (35#)

10 box jumps (20″)

Score: 3 + 17 cal row


Wednesday 7/1



Thursday 7/2

Event @ Bridger CF

200m OH walking lunge (25#)

then, 8 rounds:

15 wall balls (12#)

15 burpees

finish with

200m OH walking lunge

time: 32:44

Getting to spend so much time in the box this week has just fed my soul and I think is a big reason why I’ve been feeling so good. My workouts outside the box are still good but definitely take a bit more motivation to make happen.

How were your workouts this week?

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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  1. Katie

    I did a 1 hour bike ride 20 minute run yesterday (thursday) so that I could go into the weekend with a solid workout complete. I’m hoping on Monday to get a 2 hour ride, but we will see if that actually happens….

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