Fitness Friday

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This week’s exercise hurdle was traveling to the valley on Tuesday and Thursday to take part in a market hiring event.  It wasn’t my market but I was invited to go as support, experience and growth opportunities.  While I was reminded why I love living close to my store, it was great to get outside my store (and market) to meet other people.  Either way, it meant a longer drive and therefore additional (and unknown) traffic patterns.  
All that aside, it was still a good week with lots of movement and that’s what counts – keep moving your body!

Sat 9/17/11
60 mins cleaning and vacuuming (you know that’s a good workout!)
25 min run outside w/ warm up and cool down (2.3 miles)
20-25 mins Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred
30 mins walk (round trip to the grocery store)
**can you tell my goal today was to not drive my car anywhere and just move my body?**
Sun 9/18/11
25 mins run outside w/ warm up and cool down (2.3 miles)
Mon 9/19/11
Tues 9/20/11
Wed 9/21/11
90 mins yoga w/ Gigi Yogini
15 min bike ride to grocery store
Thurs 9/22/11
15-20 mins abs and stretch
35 mins run w/ warm up and cool down (2.8 miles)
Fri 9/23/11
**unless you want to count the minute of jumping jacks I did in the kitchen while waiting for my coffee to finish brewing this morning because I felt bad I had skipped the gym…yeah, didn’t think so** 😉
Back to it tomorrow!! (After work that is.)