Fitness Friday #36

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This week was a real turning point for me as I finally feel like I’m starting to break out of my workout rut and finding the motivation to get back to it. I know a big part of that was due to joining my old gym again the other day.


I had been thinking about re-joining or joining a cheaper gym in the area while waiting for a steady income to go back to CrossFit but after going as a guest earlier in the week, I remembered just how comfortable I am in that location (in a good way), how they have a really nice facility and that I’d like to try some of their group classes to supplement my workouts. I also got to thinking about schedule and not knowing what mine will look like in the coming months, it would probably make more sense for me to fill in with CrossFit if/when I can but still have another place where I can go lift at whatever time is most convenient. (CrossFit is amazing but if your schedule doesn’t work with the available class times, then you can’t get in your workout…)

Anyway, before we actually move onto my workouts, I teased you all a few weeks ago when I said there’s some new and fun things coming to Fitness Friday – well today is the day!

If you didn’t already notice from the new graphic but I got a co-host! Woo! Make sure to head over to HappyMamaTales to meet Britni and see what she’s up to!


And now onto my workouts this week…

Friday 8/28


Saturday 8/29

20 min ROW Interval Workout


KB Deadlift (30#)

KB Swing (30#)

KB Goblet Squat (30#)

KB Push Press Right (20#)

KB Push Press Left (20#)

time: 24:20


Romanian Twists (8#) / Sit-ups

Side Plank Twists R + L

Supermans / Plank Jacks

Sunday 8/30

3 mile run

Monday 8/31

Home WOD 3×8


Side bends

Upright row

Bicep curls

Triceps dip


Ball sit-up

Tuesday 9/1

2 ½ mile run

Wednesday 9/2

Live Fit Trainer Day 1

3×12 / 1 min rest

Wide Push-up

DB Bench Press

Flat Bench DB Fly

Narrow Push-up

Standing DB Triceps Extension

Triceps Push-down

Thursday 9/3


Don’t forget to link up your week of workouts below!

How were your workouts this week?

Any big plans for your long holiday weekend?

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