Fitness Friday #37

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I’m going to make this quick today as I’m writing you from New York, gearing up to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend’s wedding this weekend. After my flight was delayed an hour due to weather, I got my bag, made my way to the rental car and sat in terrible NYC traffic, missed the rehearsal but made it just in time for the rehearsal dinner, I’m beat! It’s going to be a busy, fun and exciting weekend so let’s just not worry about the nitty gritty and get right to it…


Friday 9/4


Saturday 9/5

Live Fit Day 2 – Back & Biceps

Sunday 9/6

Live Fit Day 3 – Legs & Calves

Live Fit Day 4 – Shoulders & Abs

Monday 9/7

Live Fit Day 8 – Chest & Triceps

1 mile run

Tuesday 9/8

Live Fit Day 9 – Back & Biceps

Wednesday 9/9

2 mile run

8 mile walk (2 around the neighborhood + 6 or so around Chicago)

Thursday 9/10


Don’t forget to link up your workouts for the week below!

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #37

    1. Katie Post author

      Nice! Hope your wedding was fun! And yes, I was a total stress ball but just had to remind myself that I couldn’t do anything about it so no point in getting too crazed.

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