Fitness Friday #38

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This past week was a whirlwind. Between traveling to New York, my friend Tina’s wedding, seeing as many people as I possibly could when not being a bridesmaid, and traveling home, it’s been nonstop. I knew it was going to be a crazy weekend so I prepared for a few more rest days but as soon as I was back in Illinois, I knew I needed to get back to the gym and feel more like myself.

Getting back to my workouts has been huge for my stress! The last couple of days I have been feeling the pressure – from myself and others, making that hour at the gym even more important and necessary.

I’ve been continuing with Phase 1 from Live Fit Trainer and am already feeling strong. Maybe it’s all in my head or maybe it’s just because it’s been a few weeks since I had consistent strength training (with California and Hawaii) but it just feels so good to lift again.


Friday 9/11


Saturday 9/12


Sunday 9/13

2 mile run

Monday 9/14


Tuesday 9/15

Live Fit Day 10 – Legs & Calves

15 mins stair master

Wednesday 9/16

2 mile run

Live Fit Day 11 – Shoulders & Abs

Thursday 9/17

Live Fit Day 15 – Legs

With more projects and ideas looming in my head, trying to find a job and feeling like I have things (semi) figured out, it’s bound to be a busy weekend. The weather is set to be perfect in the mid 70s so I’ll be sure to get outside for a few of my workouts or a couple long walks.



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