Fitness Friday #39

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Happy Friday!

Have you all seen that app to turn yourself into a Peanuts character? I couldn’t help myself…I had a bit too much fun. 😉


Anyway, I am spending my weekend just hanging out with one of my good friends. Things have been really stressful and crazy so it’s nice to get away from home, even only a few hours and make it feel like a getaway. The job search is still happening so while I’m not working, I am enjoying this extra time with people I care about.


I kind of dropped the ball this week with getting Britni the Fitness Friday linkup code (sorry, girl!) so I’m back riding solo this week without my co-host but we’ll have her back up and running again next week.


My workouts this past week were awesome! I’ve been loving lifting again and it’s been huge for my stress relief. I haven’t been doing as much running and I really want to pick that back up again but for now, heading to the gym for a nice little lifting session has been perfect and not overly strenuous. Plus when I’m at the gym, I’m getting the most relief from my migraine which I’m assuming stems down to me being the most relaxed and distracted from the pain.

Friday 9/18

Live Fit Day 16 – back/biceps

Live Fit Day 17 – chest/triceps

Saturday 9/19

Live Fit Day 18 – legs

Sunday 9/20

Live Fit Day 19 – shoulder/abs

Monday 9/21

3 mile run

Tuesday 9/22

Live Fit Day 22 – legs

15 mins stair master

Wednesday 9/23

Live Fit Day 23 – back/biceps

Thursday 9/24

Live Fit Day 24 – chest/triceps

1 mile run

I’m coming to the end of the Live Fit Trainer Phase 1 and excited to see how things continue from here!

Don’t forget to link up your week of workouts or Fitness Friday related posts below.

Have a great weekend, friends!

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #39

  1. heather

    I loved Snoopy when I was growing up and have seen the Peanuts thing going around!!! I guess I should check in on it. Have a great weekend

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