Fitness Friday #41

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Dang, two leg days in one week sure is catching up with me! In the best way of course… 😉


But seriously, I am just LOVING my workouts right now. I’ve been feeling really strong and while sometimes I don’t feel like I push myself hard enough in my workouts when I’m by myself (versus when I’m with the group at CrossFit), I’ve had the good shaky leg/arms at the end of my workouts this week and it’s just felt fantastic.

I’m also still working on my running comeback and you may notice this week there hasn’t been much of it. It’s interesting to me because the weather has been perfect for running and yet, I can’t get myself to run outside. I have in my mind that I need to do it when I’m already at the gym for my strength session but I just don’t think that’s how this is going to work right now. Time to break this weird cycle and get back to running.


What has really left me wondering is why I’m having such a hard time running when I got these beautiful bright babies to test through a partnership with FitFluential & Mizuno! I’m a Mizuno girl for life and I’m just loving these shoes – they are so supportive, yet soft and light weight. Honestly, my feet have felt amazing on my runs so I think it comes down to some sort of mental block that I can’t push past and when you add this non-stop migraine on top of it (no, it still has not gone away), it’s hard to get out the door (especially this weekend when the pain was near unbearable). Meanwhile, I’ll just keep heading out for some short little runs in these snazzy shoes and when I’m ready to run MORE, I will.

fitness friday 3a

Friday 10/2

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Saturday 10/3


Sunday 10/4


Monday 10/5

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Tuesday 10/6

2 mile run

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30 mins stationary bike

Thursday 10/8

Live Fit Day 34 – Legs

Anyway, I am ready to head into the weekend, especially since we have some gorgeous weather on the agenda from the looks of it. I don’t have much planned right now except some time with friends, studying (probably outside because why not?!), and figuring out this lovely thing called life. I can’t wait! 🙂

How were your workouts this week? Leave a comment or link up your Fitness Friday posts below!

Now tell me, what are you looking forward to for your upcoming weekend?

9 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #41

    1. Katie Post author

      I guess technically you’re right! Though for me that was to SHAKE out my legs from the strength training days…woo, they were tough! 😉

  1. Leanne

    I’m tapering for a marathon next weekend but can relate to the lack of motivation or slump for running! I have been struggling for almost a month with a lack of motivation to get out and run and I LOVE fall running!! This week I pushed myself a little harder to get out! Good luck on your running comeback 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks and good luck with your marathon! I was supposed to run Chicago last year and had WAY too much stress at the time that affected my long runs so I couldn’t do it. It’s still on my bucket list to run a marathon but for now, I need to ease back into it and cheer on others in their efforts!

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