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I hope everything had a great Thanksgiving! 

Mine was rather low key – slow morning, 3 mile treadmill run, shower, call with the parents, and dinner at the house of one of the boy’s coworkers and her family. They were all super welcoming and in a house full of Longeberger baskets, it felt like home. (My mom will especially enjoy that comment…) 😉

I’m working today (from home) which will be nice…avoiding the traffic of the Black Friday shoppers, getting an extra hour at home with no commute, and being able to sit either at my desk or on my couch, wherever is the most comfortable. It’s the little things.


My apartment complex has a clubhouse with mini “fitness center” aka basically like a tiny hotel gym with a bike, elliptical, treadmill, a couple free weights and one multi-use weight machine. Generally it’s only open when the office is open but I found out last week that I can get a key fob to be able to access the fitness center during non-office hours, which is actually quite a big deal for me. It means I can go work out during the week days (before or after work), anytime on the weekends, and any other times when the office is closed. My key fob was just activated Wednesday afternoon so I used it for the first time yesterday and it’s already worth it.

I’m still hoping to join a gym but I’ll probably wait until my new insurance kicks in and I can research more on the fitness reimbursement. For now this is going to be perfect and give me that place to go outside of my apartment to workout, especially without worrying about making too much noise for the neighbors below.

Friday 11/20


Saturday 11/21

4 rounds:

10 triceps push down

10 cross body curls /side

10 single arm press /side

Then, 4 rounds:

15 side bends

15 Romanian twists

Sunday 11/22

2.82 mile run

Monday 11/23


Tuesday 11/24

20 mins yoga

YogaDownload Lunar Flow

Wednesday 11/25

2 rounds:

20 air squats

20 walking lunges

20 ball crunches

20 upright rows

20 DB swings

Thursday 11/26

3.15 mile run

Are you a Black Friday shopper? How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday 48

  1. Susie @ SuzLyfe

    Depending on where you are actually located, we had a great time at the Snap Fitness there–they had everything we needed. The Y is really nice downtown, but again, depends on where you actually are!

    1. Katie Post author

      So funny thing is that Snap Fitness is pretty much a block away from my apartment complex! I’ve been looking into it and while they have a 1 month free trial, they also have a $9 shipping fee for the key fob to use it. I know that’s not super expensive but then the membership was like $40/month or something..there’s another gym a block the other direction that’s cheaper and had a month free trial so I signed up for their trial but haven’t gone in because they immediately started calling and texting me everyday asking when I want to come in and I got annoyed. Plus my key fob to the apartment “gym” works and I’ve been too busy to even use that with my 60 hour work weeks right now. haha

  2. Karen

    You’ve inspired me to do more squats/lifts…that kind of stuff! I use the treadmill, but not much more. Thanks for the post lady!
    xx, Karen

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