Fitness Friday & 5 Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic

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I have a treat for you all today! Not only is it Fitness Friday, but we’re continuing my 5 Day Gift Guide with 5 Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic. Be sure if you missed it yesterday, to check out 5 Gifts to Give Back. It’s so easy to get caught up in holidays so it’s important to make sure we think of those less fortunate than ourselves and help out however we can.

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1 – A new gym bag like this Gaiam Gym Bag – I LOVE my Everything Fits bag my sister got me last year!

2 – I’m OBSESSED with Kettlebells lately. Wrap them up with my Kettlebell row workout or Kettlebell Superset workout, put it under the tree and you’re bound to have a happy fitness fanatic on your hands.

3 – New workout clothes. They’re cute and help keep you motivated in your workouts. The clothes shown are from Ellie.

4 – New Yoga Gear – a clean new mat, block, strap, towel…you get the drill.

5 – A Road ID – safety first! I bought one for my sister when she started running more. My family laughed and thought it was funny (smart, but funny)…irony is that I don’t even own one. This IS on my list this year.

(Disclaimer: a few of these links will take you to my Amazon store.)


Definitely some great gifts for your favorite fitness fanatic but let’s get on to the workouts this week.

Friday 11/29

Strength – shoulders & abs

3.5-4 mile walk

Saturday 11/30


Sunday 12/1

5k Santa Run

Do you spot me?

Monday 12/2

Strength – legs

10 mins elliptical

Tuesday 12/3

Strength – back/biceps/abs

10 mins stationary bike

Wednesday 12/4

Strength – shoulders/abs

1 mile run

20 mins yoga

Thursday 12/5

Strength – chest/triceps

10 mins row machine

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Happy Friday!


How were your workouts this week?

Any fitness plans in your future this weekend?

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      Absolutely! I’m really hoping I have one under the tree, otherwise I’ll be ordering one for myself post-xmas.

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