Fitness Friday

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While people often call me “crazy” regarding my exercise habits, the thing they don’t quite understand is that I listen to my body.  I know when it’s had enough.  I know when it can take more.  I like to push myself hard because it makes me feel good and strong, but when my body needs a break, I listen.  Sometimes it has to scream it, but I will hear it and give it what it’s asking for.
This week, it asked me to slow down.  I did, but not enough.  It asked me again but it wasn’t until today that it let me know, I had not slowed down enough.  It needed time and rest.  I started by skipping my trip to the gym (again) and continued by canceling my plans for after my 1/2 day of work to come home, eat some soup and take a nap.
While a part of me is craving a nice long, sweaty workout, I’m not getting down on myself for the few days off from exercise this week because I know my body needs it.  With that, here’s this weeks recap of fitness:
SAT 8/27/11
45 mins stationary bike (I’m getting further in Harry Potter!)
SUN 8/28/11
MON 8/29/11
60 mins Circuit Works Training (cardio/lifting intervals)
*I have a few more sessions to use of my Living Social deal and plan to review this soon!
TUES 8/30/11
Rest – sick
WED 8/31/11
90 mins yoga
(I coughed through a big chunk of it and skipped a few vinyasas but it was a difficult class)
THURS 9/1/11
Rest – sick
FRI 9/2/11
Rest – sick
I’m off to take some more of the “Wellness Formula” capsules, drink some juice and possibly watch a movie on the couch.