Fitness Friday

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This week ended up being a bit easier than I initially planned.  I need to work on changing up my workout a bit more as I’ve found I have been bored on a few occasions.   While I was home, I started reading while on the stationary bike and really enjoyed that and have continued that a bit into my workouts this week.  On Thursday I wasn’t feeling well as I was lifting so I quickly ended my workout and headed home; it’s all about knowing your body.
Fri 8/5
10-15 mins stationary bike (& read)
Sat 8/6
90 mins yoga
Sun 8/7
20 mins walk/run
20 mins stationary bike (& read)
Mon 8/8
30 mins stationary bike (& read)
Tues 8/9
15 mins abs & stretch
Wed 8/10
90 mins yoga
Thurs 8/11
30 mins elliptical
7 mins arms (was planning more)
Fri 8/12
A fun week ahead with my trip to NYC and Philly but until then I’ll have to step it up and get in some lifting since I didn’t do any (or hardly) this past week.