Fitness Friday

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This seemed like a relatively “easy” week in terms of exercise, though when I look back at it, I got a pretty good amount.  I guess a part of me expects weeks like during the cardio challenge and yoga challenge, where I have a certain goal in mind and days off aren’t as much of an option.  Either way, I feel pretty good about this week (minus the fact that I didn’t do legs?) and I’m looking forward to hitting the gym tomorrow after work! 🙂
SAT 7/23/11
20 min walk/run (1.6 miles, hurting lungs-allergy induced asthma)
SUN 7/24/11
35 min walk/run (2.85 miles)
15-20 mins abs & stretching
MON 7/25/11
90 mins yoga (in the sun!)
TUES 7/26/11
90 mins yoga
WED 7/27/11
THURS 7/28/11
30 mins walk/run (2.75 miles)
15 mins arms abs stretch
FRI 7/29/11
I’m also super excited to tell you guys about a fun health-filled trip coming my way in a few weeks!