Fitness Friday // A Great Week!

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I mentioned a few times that it was a pretty long week with lots of work, but thankfully I was able to fit in all of my studies (though I would have preferred more) and a great week of workouts.

And seeing as it was the last week of Courtney’s October yoga challenge, I’m happy to say I was successful in completing my goal of yoga 3x per week.  (Yes I counted Thursday even though it was 11/1 since my workout weeks go Fri-Thurs.) 😉

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

I’m really trying to keep my mileage up for my upcoming 10k and that’s meant pushing through some rougher runs but thankfully after a little extra rest and yoga, my legs were feeling refreshed and I had a great run yesterday.  It’s really the little things in life, isn’t it?

Here’s my week of workouts:

I hope some of you have decided to join in on #thankfulfor because really, who couldn’t benefit from a whole month of being thankful for the little (or big) things in life.  I honestly think it helps us remain positive, especially during a month that just gets busier and crazier with the holidays quickly approaching.

So what am I ThankfulFor today? 

My body’s strength!

My body never ceases to amaze me with how strong it is and how it can push through some of the hardest workouts, difficult conditions, and my push to run further and move more.

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And as always, how were your workouts this week?

What are you thankful for today?

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday // A Great Week!

  1. Brittany @ Delights and Delectables

    Awesome workouts girl. I wish we lived closer so you could motivate me!! 🙂 The cold weather makes me not want to work out, but once I start I love it!
    I’m so glad that you took the extra rest and stretching. It makes such a huge difference in your runs!! Wish we could run together!!

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