Fitness Friday – A New Accomplishment

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Can I take a moment to brag? Not necessarily brag but share a new accomplishment for a me; one of those moments when you realize your hard work is paying off.  I had that moment yesterday.


You see, I went to the gym, like any other day and busted out my 5 mile run and then started strength training.  I had push-ups on the agenda which usually means doing 3 or 4 on my toes, then finishing the set on my knees.  (There’s nothing wrong with that and I’m a full supporter of dropping to your knees during push-ups when you need to!)  But Thursday was different.  After I hit 5 push-ups, I realized I could finish my whole first set on my toes.  So I did.  When I started my 2nd set, it was definitely getting harder but I finished on my toes.  And come the 3rd set, I was shaking but I was so close to a new goal, that I was able to push myself.


I finished 3 sets of 10 (30 total!) push-ups ALL.ON.MY.TOES!   To some this may be nothing but to me, this was new, exciting and a great sign of my progress as an athlete!

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 8.19.19 PMAnyway, I’ve definitely come back from last weeks illness, though there’s still a bit of phlegm (gross!) but that’s an easy fix.  My energy has returned and as you can see, I’m clearly owning my workouts! 😉


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How were your workouts this week?

When did you last have one of those moments you realize your hard work is paying off?


16 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – A New Accomplishment

    1. admin Post author

      I felt like a beast and probably would have jumped up and celebrated but I didn’t want to cause a scene… 😉

    1. admin Post author

      I have NO idea where this came from…I usually feel like I’m struggling through push-ups on my knees!

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