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fitness friday buttonI told you all that I started LiveFit trainer again a couple weeks ago…well, I lost motivation.  Or rather, I just decided it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do again right now.  I think I was feeling it to be too rigid (though I was trying to change it up a bit) for having just come off a pretty rigid 1/2 marathon training program.  So I’m listening to my body and changing things up again.


So what am I doing?


I’m loosely following the Tone It Up (TIU) Bikini Series workouts.


I say loosely for a few reasons – I want to feel like I have the flexibility to do what I want – I don’t like all of their workouts and therefore may change things up if/when I don’t like a workout – I want to listen to my body, however that may appear.


So far that’s been working out for me this week.  And this is what it’s looked like:


Friday 4/26

2.58 mile run + foam rolling

562631_877579232229_1112297894_n Saturday 4/27

LiveFit Day 11 – Shoulders/Abs

Sunday 4/28

5 mile run

Monday 4/29

10 minute walking warm-up

TIU Biker Babe workout


Tuesday 4/30

TIU Sandcastle Workout

TIU Sunkissed Abs

35 mins walk

Wednesday 5/1

2.6 mile run

25 minutes – Heart Opening Flow #1 


Thursday 5/2 

20 mins stationary bike

Abs + stretching

How do you change up your workout routine?

6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday / Change Things Up

    1. admin Post author

      that would be hard! Maybe after? I’m only kind of following it because I don’t like all of their workouts…some are just a bit too “cheesy” for my style.

  1. Purelytwins

    it’s great that you are listening to your body and changing things up! we are doing the same. we like do so different things doing the week. We are doing our best to follow the Tone It Up girls bikini series too, we are flexible too 🙂

  2. Nicole @ FruitnFitness

    I think it can be really fun to change up workouts. In 2012 I realized that I love to run and running had been pretty much my main form of exercise. I’m on the lookout for new workouts and am hoping to start swimming this week!

  3. Lawrence

    I never do the same thing twice. From barbells to DBs, machines to free weights, back first in the week to last day of the week…its always changing and my body loves it!

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