Fitness Friday // Just Keep Listening

What I wanted to name this post: Getting Back in the Game

The reality of this week: Just Keep Listening 

I was really hoping this was going to be my week to return to the Live Fit Program because I am just entering Phase 3, but my body proved it was not yet time.  I’ve been doing about 1/2 of each workout the past two weeks, but the more “bootcamp” style of Phase 3 was still a bit too much for my ankle this week.  So I did what I could, skipped what I couldn’t and supplemented with cardio that’s a bit easier on the joints: elliptical.  I plan to start Phase 3 over in a week or so, once I’m sure my ankle is better.  (FYI – It’s definitely feeling better but since I know it’s not 100%, I’m not going to over-exert it and re-injure it.)

I want to be clear I’m not beating myself up over this.  Listening to your body, especially when facing a potential injury is extremely important and something that I stand by.  And honestly, I’m really happy with how I’ve listened to what my body needs and haven’t beat myself up over the additional rest days or lighter workouts.  I’m proud of this mindset.

This up-coming week is going to be a busy one for me with work and might make workouts a little harder to schedule, but that will give my ankle additional time to heal, so I think that’s okay.  I will fit them in where and when I can and try to do more yoga while I’m at it.

How was your week?  Did you meet your fitness goals?

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