Fitness Friday // Link-Up Party!

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I’m not quite sure you’re ready for this! This has been a long time coming and was requested a long time ago…months at this point.  Sorry about that people.  But now I’ve got it and I couldn’t be more excited – I hope you are too!

Theres a few funny things about fitness…
-We stay accountable when we write down and share what we do
-We stay motivated when we workout with others
-We get inspired and learn something new when we see others workouts

 Basically, we’re able to learn and share and motivate and inspire and grow and see results when we’re a part of a community.  That isn’t necessarily just for the healthy living and fitness community.  It’s in general.  I mean think about it – isn’t that why group fitness is such a big thing?  You get to know the “regulars” at class and want to be a part of that community and you don’t want to let someone down when you don’t show up.

Same idea.

That’s right, I finally got the Fitness Friday link-up party together!  But do you know what that means?  It means I need your help! I need you to join in, I need you to share, I need you to help spread the word and hold each other accountable.  Are you in?

Here’s the button and code.  (You can also access it on my side bar)

But before things get too crazy, I’d like to stop and share my workouts this week, because I have to admit, I’m back!  I’m back in the running game; I’m back in the motivated game; and while I’m not quite back in the yoga game, I’m getting there and ultimately I just feel really good about my week.

How was your week of workouts?  Are you interested in joining the party?

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