Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 2

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Week 2 of the LiveFit 12 Week challenge.  I’m already feeling stronger and more toned.  In fact, I’ve even had a few people tell me how “buff” I’m looking. 🙂

My “complaint” this week is that there really isn’t enough abdominal work so I’ve been adding a few moves during my other strength training sessions.  I’m hoping the abdominal work picks up in Phase 2.  I’m used to making my abdominals more of a focus point throughout the week, so 1 day really just seems like nothing.

But despite that, I am really enjoying the program and looking forward to the next few weeks to really see my progress.  Obviously, if I was choosing to follow the program to a T (meal plan + strength + supplements), I’d probably see more improvement and change, but I’m enjoying the program the way that I’m doing it.

**Update: I decided to end my Friday night with a 20 minute YogaDownload podcast.  It’s enough to make my body shake in some moments, but not so much that I still feel like I’m slowing myself down for the night.  I sure do love those podcasts.

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 2

  1. Jenn

    My motivation for strength training is practically zero while anything cardiovascular gets me really excited. I usually have to seriously push myself to do anything that involves weights!

    1. talklesssaymor Post author

      I definitely go in spurts of loving cardio vs strength training, but I really fell in love with strength training when I realized just HOW strong it made me feel, especially compared to when I couldn’t do it. Besides, we need both to really see results… 😉

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