Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 5

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I got hit with the super cold at the end of last week / early this week.  I woke up Saturday feeling worse than I had any other day and decided I was NOT moving from my bed all day (even if I suddenly felt better).  Thankfully that seemed to work because I woke up Sunday morning feeling a MILLION times better.  And to my delight, it wasn’t one of those “tricks” where you think you’re better but really you’re good for an hour or two before coming to a complete and utter crash.  I made it through the day.  And I still felt good so I hit the gym.  I knew better than to push myself too hard so I picked a workout for later in the week that didn’t require cardio so to save myself a bit of energy.  And I still felt good.

But can I just say HOW good it feels to be introducing cardio back into my workout?  Phase 1 (Live Fit) said to skip the cardio and focus on the strength training.  I broke the “rules” a few times but for the most part, skipped it.  The nice thing was how quickly I could get in and out of the gym and still felt like I got an awesome workout, so now I’m having to give a bit more time by adding the cardio back in.  I don’t mind, but on a few occasions it has meant workouts after work instead of before.  (I hate how many more people are at the gym in the afternoons / evenings so I prefer to workout before they start filling the gym and taking my equipment). 😉

Anyway, it was a good week and Phase 2 has been fun and rather challenging.  Unfortunately, due to being sick I had to add in an additional “rest” day and so I skipped the “Day 30 – Chest, Abs and Cardio.”  I’m going to try and make it up at another point, but for now, I’m moving forward.  (I needed to take today off…)


I went to bed last night (after scheduling this post), with an inkling to wake up and do the Day 30 workout so I set my alarm and told myself that if I still had it when I woke up, I would go but if my body was begging to keep sleeping and rest, I would continue with the rest day.  Well I woke up and wanted to lift, so I did!  I skipped the cardio (due to time constraints) but that’s okay because the strength training was really what I was looking for.

You never regret a workout.


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