Fitness Friday // Live Fit Week 6

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This week has kind of kicked my butt.  Not just physically, but also emotionally so I’m glad it’s coming to an end and I have the next two days off to relax and recharge.  It’s much needed.

And just like that, I’m half-way through Phase 2; half-way through the LiveFit program.  I’m finding it’s definitely getting harder as we’re lifting 6 days out of the week + cardio on 3 means morning workouts aren’t always an option due to the limited time.  Sometimes I wish my gym opened earlier than 5am… (Go ahead, call me crazy!)

I’m continuing to move the days around to accommodate my schedule as needed.  I think allowing myself that flexibility, is making it easier.  I’m definitely feeling these workouts and it feels good!  Before starting this program, I would workout 4, 5, or maybe even 6 days a week with a variety of strength, cardio or yoga exercises.  And while I know it was keeping me in shape, sometimes it was discouraging to not “feel the burn” and therefore feel like my body was in a bit of a rut, but I didn’t know how to get out of it.  This program is allowing me the ability to not think about my workouts, but rather just do them.  And since I’m not planning them, I’m not just repeating myself, they are planning things so that my body stays engaged and avoids those ruts.  (And let me assure you, my legs are in no rut!)

How was your week?