Fitness Friday // RACE PHOTOS!

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I’m so happy to have tomorrow off as I’ll have my head stuck in a book (which isn’t anything unusual these days).  We’re really in the countdown (literally) to test day so I’ve got to make every moment count.

It’s been a great week of workouts.  You’ll notice a lot more strength training this week and it was AMAZING! I tried to put some of my studying to the test by making several of my own strength sessions.  And dang, that leg one was a doozy!  Warning to future training clients: I’m good! 😉  I kid, but I have had a serious case of DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) from Monday’s leg workout.  Whew…

And yoga was still missing.  This is lame and must be fixed.  I hope to try and fix that this week.  And hopefully actually be successful with that this week.

Guess what else I have for you?!

It only took a week, but as I was typing this post up last night, I got the email with my race pictures.  And as most race pictures are, they’re absolutely terrible.  Enjoy! 😉

And before I leave you for the day, I want to share what or for today, who I’m thankful for.  You see, it’s rare that we find friends who are so great that they’ll take us from doctor appointment to doctor appointment, medical test to hospital, take care of you post-surgery, and just be there for you whenever you need it.  And because these kinds of friendships work both ways, it always feels good when you can give back and be there for them.  So today I’m thankful for Amy.  We may be in different places now, but we’re still just as much there for the other person.  Love ya and miss ya girl!

Now don’t forget to join in the party and linkup your week of workouts!

What are you thankful for today?

How were your workouts this week?

7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday // RACE PHOTOS!

  1. Amy

    I am SO incredibly thankful for you as well! You are so right – it is very rare to have a friendship like we do! You have always been there for me and I will always do the same for you (regardless of distance 🙂 ). I miss you dearly. Love you girl! You are one of a kind!!!!

  2. Caroline

    Those race photos are so fun! Today I’m thankful for hot chocolate with peppermint sticks in them (yummm), the beautiful fall weather that I got to walk in today, and for my space heater!

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