Fitness Friday – Rest for the Sick

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Unfortunately, despite being on the upswing of this cold, I woke up yesterday morning sounding awful. This week has been about rest – resting my mind, resting my body, and as I try my best to do, listening to what my body needs and is asking for. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but after 26 years, I also know that when I get sick, it’s my body’s way of saying “you take a break…RIGHT.NOW!


So that’s what I’ve been trying to do…


But like everybody else, I still have things that need to get done, work that I need to do and a job that doesn’t stop just because I’m sick. Monday was definitely the peak of this cold and packed with phone calls, emails and things that needed to get done. I’m happy to have been on the upswing since then, but I’m sure my non-stop nature isn’t helping keep the cold from dragging out.



My workouts this week, or lack thereof, definitely show how I’ve been feeling. I’m someone who will continue to workout through an illness, if and when I can because I like to sweat out those toxins, but I’m also not going to workout and make it worse, it’s a fine line.

Friday 12/13
Saturday 12/14
Sunday 12/15
Monday 12/16
20 min YogaDownload Gentle Hatha #2
Tuesday 12/17
20-25 mins walking
GPP CabSav
Wednesday 12/18
25 mins YogaDownload – Gentle Hatha #4
Thursday 12/19

Monday night I forced myself to do a little yoga, trying to twist and wring those toxins out of my body. By Tuesday I was able to get into the gym for an easy strength session and some slow walking and on Wednesday I got in another strength session and more yoga before bed. And despite hoping for a workout Thursday morning, I knew better and took the day off.


Like I said, this week was about rest and listening to my body.

What did you workouts look like this week?

How are you planning to stay active through the holidays next week?


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Rest for the Sick

  1. JenB

    Been sick at my camp too … just feeling like I can get back to some activity. It does make you so appreciative of your health!

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