Fitness Friday – Running More!

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Happy Fitness Friday!


Have you all had a good week? Are we pumped up for a little check-in?  Are we excited to talk fitness?


I guess I can’t speak for everyone but I’m stoked! It’s Friday; it’s (almost) the weekend; and personally, I’ve had an awesome week of workouts!  My week itself has been a roller coaster with helping my parents get ready for their garage sale, battling a migraine on Monday that took me completely out of the game, and my usual busy hours at work, but regardless, I’ve been moving and having so much fun while I’m at it.


You may notice I’ve been running a lot more lately, not necessarily longer runs but more frequent running…we’ll get to that more next week, but it’s been fun challenging myself to run more and my legs to recover quicker.

Fri 6/14/13

1.51 mile shake out run

30 min walk

935509_903156255669_1881973062_n-1 Sat 6/15/13

2 rounds Tone It Up – Bridal Babe

1 mile run

15 min foam roll

Sun 6/16/13

5k Color Run


Mon 6/17/13


Tues 6/18/13

Upper body strength

15 min walk

Wed 6/19/13

1 mile run

Hawgn GPP

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.17.50 PM

Thurs 6/20/13

3 mile run

Before we get to the link-up, I wanted to share a great post from Julie at A Better Life With Burgers sharing safety tips for runners! Whether you’re new to running or a veteran, it’s a great reminder to b safe while you’re out running around!


Now, make sure to grab a button, join the party and check out what everyone else is up to too! 🙂



How has your week been?

What are your top fitness safety tips?

7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – Running More!

  1. calee

    ME TOO! I didn’t get a chance to do that this week though b/c I was traveling and my PF flared up pretty bad last week, so I took the opportunity to recover a bit. However, I’m going to put the theory of running a mile or two daily in order to build mileage to the test tonight. Going to try to go 4-5 miles in one shot and haven’t done that for a while.


    PS I will be in your area on July 19-21. Going to pitchfork on the 19th, but otherwise no plans …

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