Fitness Friday // Sleep Deprivation

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Let me start by saying thank you ALL for your support yesterday!  I’m definitely very nervous and anxious about my future, but ultimately I know this is the right decision for right now and I’m very excited about what it will bring.  I’ve had crazy support from my friends, coworkers, you guys and of course my family.  It’s really very humbling. 😉

Anyway, I haven’t been sleeping this week (possibly stress related?).  And I think my workouts for the week prove that.  While I fall asleep relatively quickly, the problem comes in staying asleep – it’s just not happening.  So I usually give up around 3, 4 or 5am and whether I planned on it or not, I make my way to the gym.  I’d rather be productive than spend my time tossing and turning and wishing I could fall back asleep.  Regardless, the lack of sleep has more than caught up with me.

I’m hoping with the weeks ahead, I’ll be able to start getting more sleep as I knock a few more things off my TO-DO list.  Until then, I’m doing my best, powering through, and living off as much caffeine as is humanly safe…and unless you can find me a caffeine IV, I’ll have to continue this way.

What do you do when you can’t sleep?

Have you had any good workouts this week?

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday // Sleep Deprivation

  1. Alex @ Brain, Body, Because

    I agree; definitely sounds like anxiety – which is the WORST. It’s like, you’re tired, and then you get stressed that you’re tired, which makes you more tired, which makes you more stressed, UGH.

    I’ve found that yoga and journaling helps me a lot. And not touching caffeine after 2pm!

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