Fitness Friday Story Time

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I have a fun story for you all today because really, who doesn’t love a good story? 😉


You see I spent the majority of my weekend pushing off my “long run” or rather, trying to find the right day to do it.  After having zero motivation to run on Monday (and a few other things), I decided Tuesday would be the perfect day.  Knowing it was going to be cold didn’t have me scared as I’m working up my cold-weather running tolerance.  And it was cold.


So I went on my way and despite wishing I remembered that kleenex or brought a pair of gloves, I was doing good.  I was aiming for 4 miles but if I was feeling good was going to push for 4 1/2 or 5 and I even took a new route to change things up a bit.


I wasn’t even a mile in when a few random flurries came down from the sky.  I got all excited and thought “well, this is fun!”  By the time I hit a mile, those random flurries turned into full on flurries which just kept progressing and falling harder.  At the end of the 3rd mile I turned the corner towards my house and knew it was time to end my run.  I was having fun; I was laughing and giggling like a little kid while running (I’m sure I looked rather strange to those driving by in their cars), but it was full-on snowing and every time a snowflake went up my nose, it made it that much harder to breathe with no tissue.


When I walked in the house, my dad was standing in the living room, looking out at the snow through the front window.  His response: “it’s a bit cold out there for running!” 😉

Squinty eyes from snow falling in them!

Squinty eyes from snow falling in them!

This story isn’t my cutting my run short – I don’t care; I still had a great run.  This story isn’t about my first time running in snow – even though it was.  This story is about the little things in life and just how much joy they can bring.


I swear if this wasn’t how I looked, it’s sure how I felt! (but obviously in girl form…) 😉

Make sure you take some time today to enjoy life!


Without further adieu, here’s my week of workouts:

Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 10.19.13 PMAnd don’t forget to join the party and spread the word! Share your week of workouts, how you’re doing with a training plan, a new fitness routine you’re loving, or whatever other fitness-related thing you want this week.


How were your workouts this week?

When was the last time you truly enjoyed the little things in life?

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