Fitness Friday – That’s a Wrap!

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Well another challenge has come to a close and I must deem it a success!
The challenge I just finished up was due to a collaboration between Apple and Nike to promote health and fitness within the company.  I did it last year and I was thrilled when it came back again this year.  Over the last 6 weeks, I challenged myself to run (or walk – but I wanted to run) 75 miles.  I finished with 78.76 miles and #34 in the LA market!  I was afraid for a bit that I wasn’t going to meet my goal but thanks to my run on Saturday, I smashed it!
Speaking of my run on Saturday….I ran 6.5 miles! Say WHAT?!  And the craziest thing was that I felt like I could keep going and only stopped because my Nike+ kept telling me I was over an hour and so I figured I should stop.  My body felt great when I finished, I wasn’t super sore the next day but whew, that evening I crashed and crashed quickly!  Needless to say, it was a great run and a great way to end the 2011 Cardio Challenge!
I think I’m good on the challenges for the time being.  I would like to now spend my time working on the best balance of running, lifting, yoga, biking and other forms of cardio/exercise.  All of the challenges have been fun and lead to great benefits but it’s time to just get in my own groove incorporating all of my favorite things!