Fitness Friday & the Yoga Challenge

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 While I’m sure many of you are happy that your week is drawing to a close, I’m smack dab in the middle of mine.  While I’m technically only working “part-time” I was scheduled for an extra shift this week, called in when someone was sick another day, and asked to come in an hour early to help with a catering order. I like my job (and need the funds!) so I don’t mind too much, but I’m also feeling behind on some of what I have to accomplish this week.  My poor to-do list is just out of control!

I was able to tackle a few important things – like signing up for my CPR class, making some peanut butter (recipe to come soon) and all of my NASM reading for the week done, but there’s still additional studying, a whole new week of reading that starts today, more recipes that need to be written for some freelance stuff, and a boat load of other things I won’t bore you with.  Let’s just say, it’s a good thing I do my best work when I’m busy!

Anyway, it was another great week of workouts, including my first 5k race + the two additional miles I ran around the school track to accomplish my long run for the weekend (and while waiting for my mom to finish walking).

And you may notice more yoga has creeped back into my week.  Well as it turns out, Courtney decided to start up her monthly yoga challenge again and since I keep saying I want to do more and only kind of doing more, I figured no better way to make myself accountable than to join in.  I’m holding myself to 3 sessions (any length) per week – should be easy enough.

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

Don’t forget to share your week of workouts and join the party!

 (P.S. Instead of only having the Fitness Friday link party open on Friday, I’m keeping it open through the end of the weekend.  More time to link up, share and stay accountable! So get out there and move!)

How were your workouts this week?

Did you try anything new or have any new accomplishments?

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday & the Yoga Challenge

  1. luv what you do

    That might be the cutest kitten EVER!
    I wish I could get to yoga 3xweek. I will try to get there weekly this month which is always so benefical. This time of year gets super busy so a yoga challenge is a great idea!

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