Fitness Friday // Want to join in?

I wake up early pretty much everyday.  Generally that means a trip to the gym when they open at 5am to get it over with and avoid most of the crowds.  It also pretty much means I wake up early on my days off too – I can’t help it, my body is just used to those morning hours.

What it’s not used to is waking up at 3am with a pounding headache and then being forced to skip my morning workout for additional sleep and then having to complete my workout after work – it’s just never as good.  Sadly that was the fate of yesterday’s workout – I’m just glad I was able to get back to it this morning.  And I’m pretty sure these “Full House” workouts are my favorite!

Also, any other bloggers out there who would be interested if I made Fitness Friday a “real” link up kind of thing?

7 thoughts on “Fitness Friday // Want to join in?

  1. Tiffani

    I always do my workouts in the morning. I hate after work gym crowds. Yuck!!

    I would absolutely link up with you!

  2. chimes

    Me me me — I’d join. I do flashback fridays a lot but I can move those to something else.

    I was thinking about doing a crafty pen pal thing on my blog. I might pick Lindsay’s brain about it.

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  4. Lauren

    I’m definitely a morning person too- and DEFINITELY prefer to work out in the morning (but ick, sorry about your rude headache wake-up call! Not cool!)
    I teach afternoon classes on Wed and Fri- and I’m GOOD once I’m there, but I kind of dread having to work out in the afternoon all day long.
    Can’t wait to do the deck of cards today- my spin class in canceled because we’re getting new bikes, so it will be a good one to do before I teach Bodypump!
    I still haven’t done Evolution. Saving it for Sunday… it scares me….

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