Fitness Friday

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Sat 10/1/11
40 mins abs, arms and stretching
25 mins run w/ warm up and cool down
Mon 10/3/11
Tues 10/4/11
40 mins abs, legs and stretch
30 mins stationary bike
Wed 10/5/11
20 mins run
Thurs 10/6/11
45 mins arms, abs and stretch
25 mins stationary bike
Fri 10/7/11
20 mins abs and stretch
30 mins elliptical
As you can see, there was no yoga in my life this week.  I planned to go today after work, but my body was in pain the majority of the day (and still is) and I didn’t feel like 90 mins of a fairly intense yoga class was probably a good idea.  I may do 20-30 mins in a bit because I just feel it missing from my life but in general, I need to get back to my yoga heavy workouts (especially since I’m paying for them every month).

In fact, as I sit here drinking my hot tea, listening to the new Feist album and typing an email to my mom about a lot of the health stuff going on right now and as it’s making me all teary, I’m realizing I need to just go do yoga, read and hit the hay early tonight.