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In lieu of a formal Fitness Friday this week, I’m continuing with the gift guide theme and today we’re talking gifts for all of the fitness fanatics in your life or those looking to pick up a healthier, more active lifestyle in the new year.


So what’s on my fitness gift guide? I’m glad you asked…

1 – Yoga Mat

I’m sure even the biggest yogi in your life would love a new yoga mat! Mine start shredding and I definitely use them longer than (I’m sure) their recommended lifespan so I always love when I get a new mat and can toss the old one!

2 – Jump Rope

I know CrossFit has really highlighted using a jump rope in your workout, but whether or not you’re doing CrossFit, doing double or single unders, a jump rope is a great way to get that heart rate up! I had some amazing workouts this past year on the road with a jump rope and I fully believe it helped keep me in shape. I think it’s time I dig it back out! 😉

3 – Fitness Tracker

I’m starting to feel like one of the only people in the world who doesn’t have a fitness tracker, but I never quite thought I needed or wanted one until starting my new job. Since I usually sit at a desk all day, I know I’m not moving enough. Sure I get up for coffee, water and to use the bathroom but it’s not often enough. I usually use my phone to track steps but while I’m at work, I usually leave my phone at my desk so I’m definitely missing the (few) steps I am getting. I put the FitBit Charge on my list this year!

Side note: Since work has been so busy this week and we’ve been helping the Fulfillment Center pick orders, I’ve been walking anywhere from 8-18 miles a day so my steps have been plenty this week and it’s also been my main form of exercise (for good reason)!

4 – Foam Roller

Recovery is just as important as putting in the sweaty work! I love to hate my foam rollers and let’s not forget about the spiky recovery ball too! It’s a good kind of pain! 🙂

5 – Their Favorite Supplements

One of my favorite breakfasts right now (despite the cold mornings) is a delicious, nutrient filled smoothie! I always put in a scoop of Greens, plant-based protein powder, banana, and frozen fruit and blend it with almond milk. It’s delicious, filling and helps start my day on the right foot with a lot of clean nutrients.


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What would you add to the list?

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14 thoughts on “Fitness Gift Guide

    1. Katie Post author

      I haven’t ever tried Shakeology but I love Skoop! I mostly use their greens powder and I love that it doesn’t have that potent “greens flavor” that many others out there have and it shakes right up into your protein shake or easily blends into a smoothie.

    1. Katie Post author

      That’s a great idea! Especially if you throw in some of their favorite protein powder or something like that! I always have a a MILLION shaker cups so I didn’t even think of it! 😉

  1. Chrissy

    Great gift ideas! I would definitely go for the fitbit! I got the Charge HR and I really like all the features! I work at the office as well, but as I am in purchasing I walk around a lot. So it has been really fun seeing how many steps add up at the end of the day! Happy Friday

    1. Katie Post author

      Oh that’s lucky! This week we’ve been helping out the warehouse attached to our office so I’ve seen my steps (on my phone) go up like crazy which has been so nice, but when we’re back in the office, I just leave my phone at my desk so I know it’s not picking up any steps then whereas the bracelet always would be on me!

  2. Tanisha @ ThriftyNYmom

    These are some great items! I definitely want to get into some sort of workout routine, and I think the jump rope and the foam roller are the only things I’m missing right now. I might just have to treat myself! 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      For sure! A jump rope is an amazing way to get in some quick cardio…you’ll also quickly wonder how you did it so easily as a child! 😉

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