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Did or do you use Google Reader?  Are you one of the ones using it until it’s final days?  If you’re like me, you’re not taking the change well and while I’ve now successfully found and switched to another service that I really like, I do miss my little “Next” button I had installed on my bookmarks bar.  It kept me guessing as to what post (and from who) would come next, now it’s too easy to skip – though maybe that’s a good thing! 😉


Anyway, for those of you looking for a replacement to Google Reader or anyone looking for a convenient way to follow your favorite blogs, I highly recommend Bloglovin.  When it came to finding a replacement for Google Reader I heard a few people suggest Bloglovin as well as a couple other sites.  I actually tried out a few before deciding I liked the user-interface of Bloglovin the best!


Want to follow me on Bloglovin? It’s easy, just click on the button below or in my side bar!

Follow on Bloglovin

And while we’re talking about it, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram! 🙂


While I’m working this morning and have a baby shower to attend this afternoon, my weekend will be fairly laid back in appears.  I hope to add some fun and excitement at some point but we’ll see what happens.


Any big plans for your weekend?

Were you a Google Reader fan? What’s your replacement for it?

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