Foodie for a Day

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First let me note how excited I am that Blogger FINALLY released an app that I can use to blog on the go. It will make blogging on busy days that much easier. (hopefully the posts still format pretty…**update: it would let me write it but couldn’t post so I still had to come to my computer to publish. and yes, fix the formatting. but we’re headed in the right direction*)

Anyway, it’s a Wednesday which means I have to give you some insight into what I’ve been eating lately. And can I tell you that I’m so glad I’m willing to give things another try? Like sunflower butter or in this specific case, overnight oats.

Confused? What are overnight oats?

Well they are a healthy living blogger phenomenon that are exactly as they sound. Oats that “cook” overnight. Only catch is that there’s no cooking. First time I tried them, I wasn’t really a fan. But with my busy schedule lady week and not knowing how breaks or food may end up happening for me, I decided to give them another shot and I am do happy that I did!

I like them so much, I chose to make them again the other night for my mornings breakfast. (I actually was such an over achiever that night, I made my breakfast and lunch for the next day, all while making that nights dinner-booya!)

Overnight oats are super easy to make:
-1 part oats
-1 part milk
-1 part yogurt

That’s all that’s “required” to make em! I like to add cinnamon, 1/2 banana, and a small splash of vanilla. You let it sit overnight and you’re done! In the morning it’s always fun to add toppings like additional fresh fruit, nuts, peanut butter or eat it as it is.

The first time I made it I kept it simple: peanut butter. The second time I still kept it simple but amped it up: sunflower butter and pumpkin butter.

(And of course don’t forget the coffee – part of a complete breakfast!) 🙂