Foodie for a Day

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As part of my trying to save money / use what I have in my fridge and pantry vs. going and buying new food at the grocery store while never touching what I have (this is a bit of an overstatement of what actually happens, but it describes it well), I decided to go scrounging the internet the other day in hopes of finding a delicious sounding veggie burger recipe.  I was also in the mood for a veggie burger and sweet potato fries so it seemed like the perfect night to put my plan into action.
I ran across a few different options and ending up deciding to mostly follow Emily’s Vegan Bean Burgers.  I didn’t have a few things but the changes were easy:
-Instead of carrots, I used what remained in a bag of frozen veggies – warmed up and drained in the microwave
-Instead of pepitas, I used pine nuts
-The onion powder was replaced by garlic powder
-Cayenne pepper was replaced with a few sprinkles of red chile pepper
-When it seemed a little mushy, I added an extra sprinkle of oats
Can I tell you how delicious these were?  The first few nights, I had a burger on whole wheat toast or english muffin, topped with ketchup and served alongside sweet potato fries.  
And can we take a moment to note how much clearer this picture is – taken on my new iPhone 4S!

But then I decided I was going to take one for lunch.  Knowing the burgers were getting drier, I feared the ketchup would seep into the burger and not actually be a topper like I wanted.  So I decided to try something different – strawberry jam + spinach (just like my favorite tempeh sandwich).  It was delicious!  So delicious that I ate the last burger for dinner the same way.
Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or just looking for a good veggie burger – I can’t recommend this enough.  This was my first homemade veggie burger experience and I was definitely nervous but I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised by how easy and delicious these turned out!  YUM!
Now I’m off to get Yogurtland with Justine… 🙂