Foodie for a Day

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I’m all about quick and easy meals.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy cooking but some nights it really takes all that I can to not just settle down with a bowl of cereal or bag of popcorn.  I’m okay with those nights on occasion, but I find once they happen, they start happening more frequently.  With that, I’m constantly on this search for quick, easy, and healthy meals that I can make – with the added bonus if I can then use them for lunch leftovers.
I was on the hunt for one the other day and decided to consult my Vegetarian 5-Ingredient cookbook for some inspiration.  And thankfully, that was exactly what I found.  There was a recipe for pasta with broccoli and sun dried tomatoes in olive oil.  I thought that sounded delicious but thought I could take the flavor up a notch while still keeping it super simple.  I decided to skip the olive oil and instead use pre-made pesto sauce.
It was so easy and delicious that I made it twice this week.  The night I made it, I ate it hot for dinner and then took 2 days of leftovers to work where I could eat it cold.  (It’s advised not to heat up broccoli in the microwave at work unless you want the entire team that works in the back of the store to not like you for the rest of the day).  It made such delicious leftovers that I was excited to eat my lunch everyday and it filled me up through most of the afternoon (just in time to have my apple as an afternoon snack).

And like I said, it’s simple: whole wheat pasta, broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, store bought pesto sauce.
I chop the broccoli while the pasta cooks and throw it in the same pot for the last 2 minutes of cooking.  Drain and return to pot.  Add the pesto sauce and sun dried tomatoes.  Stir.  Enjoy.  Pretty sure it couldn’t get easier.