Foodie for a Day

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There’s been an addition to my life….

No, not a baby.  (No babies!)

No, not a boy.  (They break hearts!)

No, not a pet. (They’re too much.)

A new almond butter.

Yes, I did just build it up but it’s delicious and was totally worth the hype.

I’ve heard about Barney Butter for awhile but never actually tried it until it went on sale in Kath’s Open Sky store a couple months ago.  I was still skeptical to get it then because it was $20 but I figured for 4 jars of almond butter, that was okay.  And I’m SO glad I made the “investment” because it is yum-my.

It’s one of those almond butters that is as smooth and creamy as peanut butter, you could almost mistake it for it.  But it’s not.

And to make it that much better, it’s made with some of the simplest ingredients: Almonds, evaporated cane juice, palm fruit oil, sea salt.  Simple, healthy ingredients that make a nut butter you can feel good about eating.

I couldn’t help myself; I had to share; I had to spread the love.  (Pun intended?)