Foodie for a Day

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With this move, it feels like I’ve been struggling to find any time to unpack, let alone cook a good meal.  So what I’ve been doing is trying to make myself some quick meals without sacrificing my health and budget.  Also since I’ve been having to put my energy towards school, work and the move, I don’t have the energy to figure out what I want to eat for dinner each night, let alone plan out a meal that will take more than 5 minutes to put together.
With that, this week I wanted to show you a quick meal that (at least) I don’t feel bad eating.  And it came together in under 5 minutes!
I started by sautéing some sliced bell peppers (mine were frozen – frozen veggies are a staple!)

While the veggies were thawing and warming up, I put a packet of Trader Joe’s Multigrain Pilaf in the microwave.

This stuff has a blend of whole grains, onion, garlic, soy, tomato and spices.  It was delicious!
When that came out of the microwave, I divided it between two bowls (one for now, one for tomorrow’s leftovers), topped with the peppers (again divided) and a sprinkle of pine nuts for a little extra protein and flavor.

For something that I made out of mere pantry staples in less than 5 minutes, this was a pretty delicious dinner!  And after I pull my laundry from the dryer, I will finish with a dessert of fresh strawberries I bought today! 🙂

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