Foodie for a Day

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What a fun week to be a foodie! 
My friend Justine had one of her Westside Breakfast Club brunches on Sunday.  She made her ever famous egg bake and everyone else brought lots of fun things, including tons of fruit!  I brought a container of freshly cut oranges from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market with lots of cherries.  (I bought a bag at Albertson’s that weighed on their scale at just over 1 lb but ended up actually being 2lbs and therefore $10!!).  Annoying.  But they are delicious and cherries are one of my favorite summer fruits, so I’m not going to complain too much…
I also brought some freshly homemade bread! Oh yes, that’s right! I made bread!  More importantly, I made my mother’s Swedish Coffee Bread!  It’s not actually my mom’s recipe but rather her grandmother’s recipe who brought it over from Sweden.  And boy is it delicious!
I had randomly been craving this bread for a couple weeks now and asked my mom to send over the recipe so that I could attempt to feed this craving, if I decided I was up for it.  Well, Justine’s brunch came around and I decided it was the perfect moment to make the bread.  (The fruit was my back up in case it didn’t turn out).  Well…it turned out and it was a HIT! 
This was my first time making it and I’m not going to share the recipe as I’d like to keep this a “family secret” but trust me, it is quite the process!  I also decided to take it a step further by making it vegan and a little bit healthier for you.  Here’s what I did:
  • Replaced the milk with vanilla hemp milk
  • Replaced the egg with flax seed + water
  • Replaced the butter with vegan butter
  • Replaced 1/2 of the white flour with whole wheat flour
  • Cut the whole recipe in 1/2 because it makes two huge loaves and I decided to stick with two smaller loaves
I was so happy when it turned out just as delicious as when my mom makes it!

Cardamom seeds shells after crushing the Cardamom

Rising Phase 1

Braided and ready for Rising Phase 2

Out of the oven!

Yes there is a bite missing…I couldn’t help myself. SO DELICIOUS!

I hope you didn’t want a piece because it’s gone! 🙂