Foodie for a Day

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It’s that time of the week again people.  Though I have to admit, I didn’t feel like much of a foodie today.  While I’ve been waiting to tell you about my new sandwich combo, I had to remind myself all day today to take pictures of my food and my dinner combo wasn’t as amazing as I planned it to be.  Kind of a bummer but that’s okay.  
In general, today felt very rocky-road.  I’m not sure if it was the lack of sleep (working til 12:30 am and then back again by 8am), my stomach kind of hurting me, no trip to the gym, just an “off” day or maybe a combination of the above.  Either way, I’m looking forward to finishing my evening with yoga and getting to bed super early.  I’m opening again tomorrow but plan to wake up at the ever-so-early hours on the morning and hitting the gym first.  That’s really a key part of my day.  And I love it so it works out.
Breakfast this morning was the usual – whole grain toast, peanut butter + 1/2 banana

Please note: there was NO coffee with breakfast this morning and I couldn’t get away from my desk until 11am to actually go buy a cup!  I didn’t even finish the cup because work got in the way and I forgot about it.  I’m surprised a withdrawal headache didn’t set in.  Please cross your fingers I don’t wake up with that headache tomorrow morning…
I’m so excited to tell you about my lunch!  Mostly because I’m just a little too excited about this new sandwich combo.  I’ve been trying to find more ways to include tempeh in my everyday diet (as well as other forms of protein – and I haven’t been feeling fish as often when I’ve made or ordered it, which is weird because that’s the only reason my diet isn’t really “vegan”).  Anyway, I’ve seen people put it in sandwiches so that seemed perfect…introducing the Tempeh + Jam + Spinach Sandwich!!

…no joke!  This is DELICIOUS!
I have some whole wheat burger buns I’m using up in my freezer but this is the simplest sandwich to make.  I take a 1/4 slab of tempeh, cut it in half (“hot dog” style), put a little strawberry jam (or whatever flavor you have) on both pieces of the bread (think glue), and then load up with as much spinach as you can handle.  SO DELICIOUS!  Did I mention this is DELICIOUS!? 🙂
This was followed up with a juice orange and swig of coffee (don’t do that.  Eat an orange and then try to drink the remainder of your coffee.  It’s not tasty!).  

On my last break, I was a little hungry again so I broke into a Pomegranate Chobani Greek yogurt + granola.  I forgot the picture I’m sorry.
Morning snack + driving home snack consisted of these bars.  Mini Cliff Peanut Crunch and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabar.  Yum! I stand behind Larabars.  They are about as real and simple as food can get, generally with only 3-5 ingredients. 

Dinner was served in stages.  I wanted to try making a recipe I found for Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits and got hungry before dinner was ready, so first I ate my salad with leftover roasted peppers + onions.  Then I moved on to the crab cake + biscuit.  Overall it was a pretty good dinner but while I generally love these crab cakes, I must return to the point that I’m not feeling seafood much lately.  Sad day.  

Anyway, a long + relaxing yoga session is basically screaming my name at this point so I think that’s my cue to wrap this up and bounce!

….shhhh!! I may have also eaten a chocolate pop tart while driving home from getting the sweet potatoes at the grocery store. This is why you should never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. 😉