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I often bring my lunch to work; it saves money and is generally a healthier option.  Well a couple months back at this point, I was standing in the obsessively long line at Subway waiting to get a sandwich.  (It’s probably one of the better options on the promenade when your wallet is feeling light and your stomach growling).  I was checking out my news feed on Instagram when I saw one of my coworkers showed a picture of Tender Greens, a new restaurant that was opening any day right behind my store.  I stood in the line another moment or so and debated a change of plans.  It took about 2 seconds for me to decide that sounded so much better!
I quickly left the line at Subway crossing my fingers that Tender Greens didn’t have a longer line.  I knew I would be getting better food so as long as I had enough time to eat, I was fine.  There was enough time to eat and savor every bite of my delicious roasted veggie sandwich.  And apparently enough time for me to completely obsess over what is Tender Greens.  So much so that I’m pretty sure I spent half my paycheck.
Here’s a bit about Tender Greens from their website:

We believe there should be a conscious connection between the one who eats the food and the source of that sustenance. These days people eat on the run.  If we can’t slow you down, at least we can tell you a little about what you are eating.The majority of our produce comes fresh picked daily from Scarborough Farms in Oxnard, where Wayne, Anne and the rest of the family grow things naturally.  When we have to buy things that Scarborough doesn’t plant, we choose from a handful of small local farms that believe that picking at the peak of ripeness leads to a more delicious and healthier dish for you.  We use organic ingredients wherever we can.Our beef comes from grain-fed hormone/antibiotic free cows.  Our chickens are raised on the range in Northern California, not in cages.  They are nourished with grain instead of hormone-rich feed.  Our tuna is line caught from the Pacific.Our dedication to using only the finest ingredients extends not only to the raw products but to everything else we use in our recipes – cold pressed olive oils, mustards, vinegars, cheeses and wonderful nuts and ground spices all help bring you the best dishes we can make.  Likewise, we look for local boutique wineries, cool microbreweries and organic tea blenders to provide beverages that respect the same commitment and care.Breads are made fresh daily by artisan bakeries who, like us, are dedicated to using the finest ingredients available for their products.  Our desserts are baked at the restaurants every day.

On those days when I just can’t bring myself to make a lunch, run out of time or have no food in my fridge, Tender Greens is one of my top pics.
My meal of choice?

The roasted veggie sandwich with a side spinach and hazelnut salad.
Yum yum!